Tap Water and Your Food

Purchasing a filter just for your drinking water may be a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t completely rectify the problem of ingesting contaminants from tap water. Consider the processes that you use water for when preparing meals for your family. If you’re using tap water for meal preparations, you and your family are still being exposed to the particles you’ve been trying to steer clear of. Consider the following:

  •  Rinsing fruits and vegetables. If you’re not using filtered water, the contaminants in your tap water are being left on the fruits and vegetables you’re feeding your family that are meant to be wholly healthy for them. 
  • Boiling water. Whether it’s water being used to cook pasta or rice, used to cook packaged foods like soups or boxed meals, or to make your own homemade soups, boiling of tap water isn’t fully the answer. The truth is, when tap water is boiled you may be killing the bacteria or viruses present, but other contaminants like lead and arsenic become more concentrated.

Truth be told, no matter how you use water when cooking, you’re still exposing your family to the contaminants that may be present. The safest way to safe guard your family from ingesting things like harmful microorganisms, disinfection byproducts, water additives, inorganic chemicals and radionuclides that can be present in tap water is to make sure all the water you use in your home is filtered. Just using a filtration system solely for the water you directly drink isn’t enough. The water you use when cooking, whether it be for making a pot of homemade soup, a cup of tea, or for rinsing your freshly picked tomatoes, should always come from a filter as well.

Aqua Filter Plus gives you many choices for water filtration. The Drinking Water Filter is great for your kitchen faucet, just be sure to use it for the food you prepare and not just what you’re pouring into your glass. The Whole House Filtration System takes filtration a step farther by filtering all the water coming into your home, whether it be the kitchen sink or the shower. With this system you’ll not only have clean water for drinking and cooking, but also for bathing, washing your hands and brushing your teeth. There’s nothing better than assuring that the water your family is ingesting is the most pure and clean. Take away your fears of contaminated tap water and contact Aqua Filter Plus today!

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