Tap Water: Inorganic Chemicals and You

If you are still drinking water straight from the tap, you should consider what you might be ingesting. Though municipal water filtration facilities process the water before it enters your home, there are often still traces of various contaminants. And these harmful compounds can slowly cause harm to your health.

Discharge from petroleum refineries, erosion of the soil, runoff from production facilities, discharge of drilling waste, and other sources of contamination can leave behind a vast array of inorganic chemicals that you had no idea may be in your drinking water. Let’s take a look at some of these chemicals and what they could be doing to your body.

  • Arsenic is sometimes found in water after it has flowed through arsenic-rich rocks, but can also be introduced due to industrial effluents as well as combustion of fossil fuels. When ingested after a long period of time, arsenic poisoning can occur which can cause vomiting, abdominal paints, and diarrhea. Other health problems that can be caused by long term exposure include skin cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Asbestos has been used in more than 3,000 products in the U.S. including cement pipes that are often used in distributing water to communities. After long term exposure to asbestos both lung disease and lung cancer.
  • Copper may enter into drinking water from pipes when the water sits in the pipes for too long or is heated. Though copper is an essential nutrient that is required by our bodies, it is only required in small amounts. When long term exposure to copper happens it may cause stomach or intestinal distress, liver and kidney damage, and anemia.
  • Mercury is not only released naturally from the earth, but it is also released into the environment through combustion of fossil fuels, municipal landfills and sewage. Long term exposure to mercury may cause kidney damage.

These are just a few of the inorganic chemicals that may be found in your average tap water. Others include barium, cadmium, cyanide, lead, nitrate, vinyl chloride, and more. Often, long term exposure to inorganic chemicals can cause health problems that you may not even realize have been caused just by the water in your home. The best way to avoid these harmful chemicals is to install a drinking water filtration system or a whole-house water filtration system. No matter what solution you choose for your drinking water, Aqua Filter Plus has the best system for your home that’s easy to install and will have you drinking clean, great tasting water in no time!

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Worried About Your Drinking Water?

If you’re worried about the drinking water entering through the faucet in your home, it’s likely you’ve been questioning whether or not to install a drinking water filter in your kitchen. After all  you want the water you and you family are ingesting to be as pure and clean as possible. Aqua Filter Plus’s drinking water filters are easy to use and install.

water filter systemAvailable for both under your kitchen sink and counter top mounting, Aqua Filter Plus’s filtration systems make it easy to bring great tasting, clean drinking water to your family. The dual filtration system take your water through an initial pre filter cartridge that reduces sediments and particles in your water and goes through Granulated Activated Carbon which offers additional purification. The second post filter cartridge reduces fine sediment and particles as well as reduces lead. Aqua Filter Plus filters reduce the following contaminants from your tap water: particulate matter, chlorine, trihalomethanes, lead, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, giardia and cryptosporidium, cysts, asbestos, and turbidity. By the end of the process you receive a glass of crystal clear, clean, and pure tasting water.

Both models come with an installation kit and easy to follow instructions that will have you up and running in no time. And leave your worries of constantly changing high priced filters behind. Aqua Filter Plus filters need only to be replaced an average of once per year (or after approximately 5,000 gallons of usage). Our current customers agree that an Aqua Filter Plus system is the best quality filtration system around. So don’t take your chances with sub-par water filters. Purchase your new drinking water filtration system today from a local dealer, Amazon.com, or directly from our website. Make the next drink of water you  take from your faucet be the best tasting and healthiest you’ve ever enjoyed.

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The Best Water Filtration System for Your Family

If you’ve made the choice to used filtered water, there’s no question that Aqua Filter Plus systems will make the water you ingest the purest and most delicious. So what’s stopping you. If you still need convincing, let’s go over some of the best reasons to purchase an Aqua Filter Plus filtration system for your home or office.

  • Filtered water from an Aqua Filter Plus system not only tastes great and feels good on your skin, it’s good for you too. Aqua Filter Plus filtration cartridges improves taste and also reduces chlorine, lead, pesticides, and much more.
  • Stop lugging heavy cases of water from the grocery store, to your car, and into your home and then make room just for storage. Or stop dealing with five gallon bottles of water that are messy to change. With an Aqua Filter Plus system all you need to do is go to the tap and turn it on to enjoy a tall glass of water.
  • There’s no need to worry about constantly changing water filters. Aqua Filter Plus water filtration systems have been engineered to be high capacity/high output, which means fewer cartridge changes. Often our systems can go a full year before needing a filter change, so there’s no need to fret about changing the filter each month like with other systems.
  • The price is right. Purchasing an Aqua Filter System is very reasonable. Plus, because filter changes are needed less frequently than with other systems you’ll be saving money on filters as well.
  • Our current customers have had some amazing things to say! One customer even told us: “My wife is very sensitive to tap water. She immediately gets allergic reactions from any slight impurity in the water. We tried many brands and your water filter is definitely superior!”

When considering a water filtration system for your home, don’t let run of the mill systems fool you. Aqua Filter Plus systems surpass many others and cost only pennies a day to make the water in your home pure, clean, and delicious! Don’t allow your family to drink tap water any longer, contact us today!

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Tap Water: Water Disinfection Products and You

If you’re drinking the tap water in your home, you may want to take a moment to consider what you are ingesting. The chemicals used to disinfect water in water treatment plants may leave byproducts that end up in your glass. Bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acids and trihalomethanes may be found in the tap water your drinking and all of these can cause potential health concerns when exposure happens often.

Bromate is a by-product formed when ozonation is used for disinfecting water. It is suspected to be a human carcinogen, but is “allowed” to be detected at certain levels in the tap water entering your home. Long-term exposure to bromate can cause health effects like kidney effects, nervous system effects, and hearing loss. Bromate poisoning causes symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, and nerve problems.

Chlorite is a by-product formed by the use of chlorine dioxide. Long-term exposure to chlorite can cause nervous system effects, anemia, and irritation of certain areas of the digestive and respiratory tract like the stomach, esophagus and mouth. Exposure to chlorite to the outside of the body (hand washing and showering) can dry the skin, make hair dry and brittle, and can be absorbed by the body through the skin over time. When absorbed directly by the body, chlorite may be associated with certain types of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Haloacetic acids are yet another by-product of water disinfection and are often formed during the disinfection process when the water is slightly acidic or is at an elevated temperature. Effects include irritation to the skin, elevated risk of some types of cancer including liver cancer, and poor fetal growth.

Trihalomethanes are a by-product of the usage of chlorine to disinfect water. They are the result of the reaction of chlorine and/or bromine with organic materials that may be present during the treatment of the water. Health effects include certain types of cancer as well as developmental disorders.

So what’s the best way to avoid these harmful by-products that may be entering your home through tap water? Using a water filtration system can make the water in your home pure and clean again, free of unwanted chemicals that may harm you or your family. If you’re concerned about your drinking water, consider installing a drinking water filter to your kitchen sink. But remember, these chemicals can harm your skin and hair as well as be absorbed by your body through your skin. A whole house water filtration system ensures that the water being used by your family, whether its the water you drink or shower with, will be free of harmful substances. With an Aqua Filter Plus system in your home you can feel safe knowing the water in your home is both incredibly delicious and incredibly clean. Contact Aqua Filter Plus today to see what they can do for you.

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Drinking Pure in the Office

If you already have an Aqua Filter Plus system in your home, you may be wondering what the best way is to drink fresh, clean water in the office. You could easily take filtered water from home in a reusable bottle to enjoy. But consider the possibility of having pure drinking water available to you while at work as well.

Aqua Filter Plus offers point-of-use water systems that are bottle-less, plumbed-in and self-contained. Bottled water systems can be expensive and unsanitary. The Aqua Filter Plus point-of-use systems offer an amazing alternative that provide hot and cold filtered water to the entire office.

The Linis Water Station can quickly offer the entire office clean tasting and contaminant free drinking water as well as save the office money on other costly systems. This space saving and energy efficient water station offers features and benefits such as multiple color options to match your office’s decor, stainless steel cold tank, high capacity stainless steel hot tank, large dispense areas for filling sport-sized water bottles, fast dispense rate, and a coffee maker/ice machine port. Plus, Aqua Filter Plus filters don’t need to be changed as often as with other costly systems.

There’s no better way to assure all the water you’re drinking throughout the day is crisp and clean than by having Aqua Filter Plus systems in both your home and at the office. After all, by hydrating our bodies we remain energized for all the necessary duties that fill our day. By offering pure drinking water in the office not only will all employees be keeping up with their health, they’ll also have the energy needed to get through all the tasks they handle at work each day. Get more information on Aqua Filter Plus point-of-use water filters today!

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Why Aqua Filter Plus?

With so many water filtration options around, you’ve probably begun to ask yourself, “Why    choose filters from Aqua Filter Plus?” Fortunately, there are quite a few reasons that make our company and our filter systems stand out from others:

  • Aqua Filter Plus was created based solely on the need for reliable water filters that could perform water purification and still maintain cost effectiveness. Mr. Shifrin, the founder of Aqua Filter Plus, used his background in science and engineering to design his own systems that have consistently been rated at the top of their class since 1996.
  • Aqua Filter Plus prides itself in using the highest quality materials available. They also use the most up-to-date technologies in the industry to make sure the water filtered by their products is pure, healthy, and delicious.
  • Whether you’re looking for a filtration system for your home or business, Aqua Filter Plus is sure to have a system to suit your needs.
  • Having a water supply that is the purest and healthiest is most important when living a pure and healthy life. Whether it’s the water you drink, cook with, or bathe in, the more pure your water is the better it is for your health. This is why systems like the Whole House Water Filter were created, to make sure every drop of water you use is the best quality and the safest for your family.
  • Installing an Aqua Filter Plus system in your home means you’ll no longer need to purchase heavy cases or five gallon bottles of water. And, fewer purchases of bottled water is also helpful to our environment.
  • Aqua Filter Plus systems are easy to maintain. Whereas some filtration systems require monthly or bimonthly cartridge changes, Aqua Filter Plus systems can often go a full year without needing any changes at all. This also means fewer purchases of new cartridges, saving you money.

The advantages to purchasing an Aqua Filter Plus system go on and on. The real question is, why wouldn’t you want to purchase a system from the company that prides itself on using the best materials to offer you the cleanest water? Check out all of the wonderful Aqua Filter Plus systems today to decide which one better suits your needs.

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Water Filtering History: When and Why?

Today it’s extremely common for households to have some kind of water filtration system, whether it’s for the whole home or specifically the drinking water. But have you ever wondered when water filtration systems started becoming necessary?

You’d be surprised to learn that water filtration methods go back a very long time in civilizations throughout the world. An ancient Egyptian tomb that dates back 15th and 13th century B.C.E. depicts pictures of a water filtration device. In Greece, Hippocrates conducted his own experiments for water purification, recognizing the healing power in water and the need to purify it through a cloth bag water was poured through after being boiled. Records of desalination were recorded after the Dark Ages as a method of percolating seawater through sand in order to purify it.

The invention of the microscope allowed for a better understanding of the particles present in water. This also called for researching methods of water filtration since the microscope showed particles never been seen before. Slow sand filters were used in Europe, and in 1870 were introduced in the United States.

Today in the United States, municipal water treatment plants take charge of cleaning the water that is pumped into our homes. Unfortunately, this is not a completely perfect process and contaminants are often still present when the water flows through your faucets or showers. Though they may not be in large amounts, even trace amounts of many contaminants can slowly cause health disorders including liver and kidney problems, nervous system disorders, and some forms of cancer. Often people purchase bottled water to avoid ingesting these contaminants unbeknownst to them that bottled water isn’t always  void of chemicals and contaminants either.

Installing drinking water filters or a whole house filter can ensure the water you ingest or bathe with is clean and pure. No longer will you have to be concerned with what’s in the water you’re using. You’ll be keeping your entire family safe and hydrated every day.

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Water and Your Children

As parents, we can agree our children’s health is one of the most important things. We want them to be healthy and thrive, and drinking water daily is a big part of that. Their bodies are smaller, which means their daily intake of water should be less than an average adult, but that doesn’t lessen the importance. The following are the daily recommended amounts of water depending on your child’s age:

  • 1-3 years: Approximately 4 cups
  • 4-8 years: Approximately 5 cups
  • 9-13 years: Approximately 8 cups for boys, 7 cups for girls
  • 14-18 years: Approximately 11 cups for boys, 9 cups for girls

Inadequate amounts of water can lead to dehydration and symptoms like headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and fatigue. Because water makes up 60% of our bodies, it is important to remain hydrated which benefits our cells, digestion, blood, and even lubricates our joints.

Surprisingly, studies show that more than 70% of preschool aged children don’t drink water. Instead they consume drinks made with sugar, fruit juice, acids, and artificial sweeteners that have little or no nutritional value. In fact, your child’s body becomes more thirsty because it needs water to process what they’re drinking. Sugar filled drinks actually play a big part in the current obesity epidemic in our countries youth. Mayo Clincic reports that in the past 30 years the rate of obesity has more than doubled in preschoolers and adolescents and more than tripled in children ages 6-11.

Adequate water ingestion can also help children to do better in school. Dehydration leads to a reduction in both physical and mental activities. Being hydrated during school can help our children to concentrate and better understand the information being taught in the classroom.

Another important factor is to make sure the water your child is ingesting is the cleanest possible. The last thing you want your child drinking is a glass of water filled with contaminants that you can’t see. And offering store bought bottled water doesn’t necessarily lower the risk of what’s in your drinking water. The best solution is to install a water filtration system in your home. Instead of taking bottled water to school, purchase a reusable bottle that can be filled with the filtered water from your home so you know what they’re drinking throughout the day is the best possible water available.

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Water and You: How Much Do You Know?

We all know that water is good for our bodies. But do you know exactly why? Have you ever wondered why it is recommended that adults drink 6-8 glasses of water each day? Here are the reasons water is good for your health:

  • Drinking water helps your body maintain a balance of fluids. Our bodies are comprised of 60% water, and it’s the fluids in our body that assist in digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. When our bodies are low on fluids is when we get the feeling of thirst, a cue reminding us to take a drink.
  • Water assists in controlling calories. For years dieters have drank water as a regular part of their diet because it is a non-caloric beverage that also makes them feel fuller while quenching their thirst.
  • Water assists in energizing your muscles because when the cells in our muscles don’t maintain their fluid balance they experience fatigue. This means that drinking water while exercising is very important in order to replace water lost by sweating.
  • Water keeps your skin looking good by keeping your entire body adequately hydrated. Dehydration will, in contrast, make your skin appear dry and more wrinkled.
  • Water helps your kidneys to flush out toxins in your body and excreting it as urine. When you’re body is receiving enough fluids throughout the day, urine will become clear and odorless, showing that your body has been effectively getting rid of toxins.
  • Water helps maintain healthy bowel function which keeps the gastrointestinal tract healthy and working properly.

Not sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day? Try and make sure you have a  drink with every meal or snack you enjoy through the day or keep a reusable bottle of filtered water with you at your desk or in your car.

And of course, make sure the water you’re drinking is as pure and clean as possible. If you’re drinking water to maintain good health, why take the chance of drinking unfiltered tap water or unregulated bottled water that could contain contaminants that can slowly harm your body? Be sure to check out all of our available and affordable water filtration products. From whole home filtration systems to water coolers, there’s a product to suit your needs.

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Your Water and Your Skin

Chlorine is a disinfectant chemical often added to water in order to kill any microorganisms that may be present. But it is also highly corrosive and toxic in nature, which means that although it may seem to make your water safer, this chemical can cause harmful side effects in itself. You may think that by using filtered drinking water you’re safe from allowing the chlorine to enter your body, but if you’re showering in chlorine treated water the chemical can be absorbed through the pores in your skin.

Have you ever wondered why your hair or skin seems dry? Part of the cause could be associated with the chlorine in your water. When it comes to your skin, chlorine damages the natural balance of oil and minerals within our skin cells. This causes an imbalance in the skin cells causing them to dry out and eventually die. Those with sensitive skin my endure flakiness or inflammation that causes severe irritation. Your hair is effected similarly, burning the hair shaft and resulting in blunt ends. Breakage can then occur as can hair loss because chlorine breaks down the important proteins found within each strand of hair, making it weak and brittle.

If this is what chlorine is doing to your skin and hair, imagine the damage it may be causing within your body. Studies have shown that high levels of chlorine can create a higher risk of lung disease, and the chemical’s by-products are considered carcinogenic and are proven to cause liver and kidney cancer among laboratory animals.

The only way to avoid chlorine in your water is to purchase a whole home water filtration system. Protect your family against the chemicals in tap water, contact AquaFilter Plus for more information on the systems available to you by calling (732) 942-9430.



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