Filter Part Replacements: A Hidden Cost?

There are a lot of inexpensive filters out there, but many of these models contain hidden and exorbitant costs.

In models like this, the cartridge responsible for actually cleaning the water needs to replaced often in order for it to continue working properly. A drinking water filter with a spent cartridge is essentially useless, and potentially worsens the quality of your water – which is exactly the opposite of what you were hoping for.

So, with this kind of inexpensive water filter, you’re burdened with an unfortunate choice: either spend a lot of money on constant replacement parts or suffer through low quality water.

That’s why a water filtering system like the  Pure n’ Clear AFP210 is so desirable. It needs cartridge replacements only after 5,000 gallons of processed water. For a typical family home, that’s a full year’s worth of water usage.

Not only cartridge life, but for every factor by which water filters can be compared, the 210 stands out as superior. It filters to a higher precision and purifies more varied types of contaminants than most generic filters.

So, the 210 pits you with a choice as well: save money and enjoy the purest drinking water, or choose not to and suffer through the bad taste and possible germs.

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Early Water Filtering Systems: The Enlightenment

The United States Declaration of Independence famously asserts that “we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” The founders’ philosophical influences are well documented, and a clear line can be drawn from John Locke, a prominent philosopher during the early stages of the Age of Enlightenment, to the underlying principles in the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Throughout the entirety of the period known as the Age of Enlightenment, thinkers speculated about the innate rights of individuals, positing an array of physical and spiritual givens for every person living. It is out of this thinking that came not only constitutional and legislative imperatives in America, but also the foundations for a municipal water filtering system, first in Europe and then the world.

In France, a scientist named La Hire took these discussions of innate rights as reason for the need to supply quality drinking water to citizens, as an institutionalized representation of a government’s assenting to and providing for its citizens’ right to life.

He recommended that every home be equipped with a sand filter. British citizens got wind of this and followed suit. The trend spread to Scotland where the first municipal water filtering system was introduced in 1804, providing clean water to every citizen within the zoned area, via the utilization of a slow sand filter.

Some complain that philosophy is but a game of words and abstractions. Yet, the practical implications are evident in the course of history.

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Not All Water Filters Are Created Equal

The benefits of a water filtering system are well known. Whether it’s healthier skin and hair, increased energy and focus, decreased spending costs, or wide spread benefits for the environment, a drinking water filter can make a big difference both in the life of the individual and community at large. Benefits aside, not every water filter delivers with the same strength. As with most things in life, some options are better than others.

There are a few common complaints regarding a sub-par drinking water filter. Some advertise that they remove contaminants, but instead are only limited to the chlorine range, entirely missing a large majority of the most risky contaminants. Other filters purport to be efficient and cost effective, but in fact require frequent and expensive part replacements.

The AFP210 model from Aqua Filter Plus avoids all of these pitfalls. This double tank drinking water filter delivers a high volume of water, lasts for long stretches between filter exchanges, requires very infrequent part replacement, and – most importantly – eliminates a wide variety of contaminants including most common types of invasive bacteria. Additionally, there is a three tank model, the AFP310, the benefits of which scale in tandem with its capacity.

So, if you’re looking for a drinking water filter, remember that not all are created equal. Some, like the AFP210, are better than others.

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Early Water Filtering Systems: The Microscope

For centuries, water was just water. There was no concept of it carrying dangerous or unhealthy contaminants, save for large materials visible and obvious to the naked eye or the deliberate mixing of other noxious liquids. The microscope played in important part in developing our modern understanding of water and the dire importance of filtering it thoroughly.

Zaccharrias Janssen, a renowned dutch spectacle designer, played around with a concepts for glasses many hundreds of years ago. In his experimentation, he discovered a method for greatly magnifying objects viewed through a lens at the end of a tube. This is the major underpinning of contemporary telescopes and microscopes, the initial technology of which was made concrete by one Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a scientist. Along with the findings of Robert Hooke, the existence of small organisms living in water became established, though the health implications of this discovery remained without any clear understanding for some time.

The relation between these organisms and health became apparent when John Snow noticed a correlation between cholera deaths and the organisms in a particular pump in Britain, a pump with no drinking water filter. Ascribing these deaths to these tiny organisms in the water, visible via microscope, established the first dire example of why it is so important to have a proper water filtering system.

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What is Sub Micron Filtration?

In contrast to reverse osmosis (one of the most popular water filtering systems, a process that somewhat blindly purifies water), the sub micron filtration process is more discerning in what it allows through the filtration membrane. That is, sub micron filtration simultaneously removes impurities and sustains healthful minerals, whereas reverse osmosis would dutifully and stubbornly remove both.

When it comes to purifying water generally, reverse osmosis makes sense, but in the case of drinking water, where nutrients are desirable, the sub micron filtration system is attractive. But how does it work?

The process works, whether or not it comes in the form of a flat sheet or spiral wound hollow fiber, via the use of a micro-porous membrane, the pores of which range in size from .1 to 10 micrometers. That’s pretty small: the micrometer scale is accurate enough, at roughly one millionth of a meter, to measure the wavelength of infrared light. This specificity allows it to help eliminate asbestos, mercury, lead, cysts, particulate and numerous types of bacteria. This same specificity is also what allows the water filtering system to retain helpful minerals. Greater accuracy means the ability to be more discerning.

So, if you’re looking for a way to feel confident that you’re removing what you don’t want and getting what you do, consider a sub micron water filtering system.

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Hydration and Office Productivity

The workplace can be a stressful environment. When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, workers need to be able to respond holistically and with authority. As stress increases, this can become more difficult, leading to problems like employee conflicts and project stagnation or stumbling. Avoiding such situations can mean saving time, money and resources. There are so many influences that are beyond and employer’s control, but there are just as many factors which effect employee performance that a business can regulate and improve, such as office layout and even color schemes. One very important consideration that many businesses overlook is water consumption.

Dehydration, even a small amount, can cause a decrease in alertness and energy, and thus an increased likelihood of problems. Many employees then turn to sugary sodas or coffee drinks, items that only serve to exacerbate the problem in a vicious cycle.  Providing an attractive and easy to use source of quality drinking water can help fend off this pattern and help keep things running smoothly.

And since a office water cooler that is filtered helps improve taste, this makes it a very attractive option. On top of that, a drinking water filter also removes impurities and contaminants, increasing the benefits of drinking. As well, the best water filter will allow you to even add minerals of value as needed!

To increase office productivity, up hydration with an office water filtration system.

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Early Water Filtering System: Hippocrates’ Sleeve

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician and father of Western medicine, made many early advances in the history of health and its regulation.  Perhaps most famous for the Hippocratic Oath, an ethos still in practice today among doctors and medical experts, Hippocrates advanced the idea that four humours constituted the health and illnesses of the human body. Tantamount to his medical approach with patients was the idea of cleanliness and rest. To this end, clean water was of the utmost importance.

Hippocrates invented and used an early water filtering system, known today as the Hippocrates’ Sleeve. This early method consisted of a piece of cloth, folded at the corners, into which water could be poured, usually after being boiled, and then pass through in order to increase cleanliness for use in medical procedures and treatments. Hippocrates is still revered for many of his contributions to health, and this dedication to clean water should be considered as such.

Today, a water filtering system is clearly more advanced and can accomplish a greater degree of specificity in its application, but it is no less crucial to our well being.  Far from a mere cloth, the best water filters can supply an entire home with filtered water effortlessly and continuously. This is no doubt a feature that Hippocrates himself would have coveted.

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Shower Filter to Eliminate Hard Water Hair

For many, hair is a challenge. It sits right on top of your head, visible to everyone in business and in your social life. It’s a major part of who you are. Unfortunately, hard water can have some seriously damaging effects on hair.

Accumulation of minerals left on hair by hard water can increase frizz, breakages, and cause hair to become dull, limp, and tangled. Chances are you do not get into the shower every morning hoping that your hair will end up broken, knotted, flat, frizzy, and bland. Rather, you probably want your hair to look healthy and new. In fact, you may even have spent a lot of money already on expensive shampoos, conditioners, and other shower products in hopes of combating this all too common fact of hard water.

Yet, a water filtering system in your bathroom can contribute to this goal just as easily, and often much more thoroughly and reliably, and at a much more affordable cost. Shampoos and conditioners are not only filled with a litany of chemicals that can have unpredictable effects on hair, they also need to be replenished regularly. A shower filter is purchased and installed just once but the effects last on and on. The best water filter will help stop mineral accumulation and keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and full.

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The Bottled Water Myth

Whereas a water filter system is economical, Americans still purchase nearly a billion water bottles every week, at great cost. And that cost isn’t solely financial. This water is marketed as purified and clean, but that’s not always true. The municipal water supply system is subject to regulations, ensuring at least a standard quality to regular tap water. Bottled water suppliers, on the other hand, are subject to no such regulation. They have little transparency, no watchdog looking over them, and can get away with calling just about anything “purified,” without having to back it up.

Three independent labs investigated the water quality of 103 water bottle companies, and though most were of potable standing, a full third contained significant contamination by chlorine, Cryptosporidium, disinfectants, Giardia, metals and volatile organic compounds. The effects of these contaminants in water range from worsening taste to diarrhea, damaged kidneys and compromised nervous systems.

So much for purified!

And then there’s a water filter system, which can be installed right in the home. The best water filter will eliminate common contaminants, improve taste and can even add desired minerals. Drinking water is necessary for sustaining life, and we should feel confident that this live-giving liquid is doing the best that it can. It’s important to know the facts about what’s in your water. Even better is to regulate those contents with a drinking water filter.

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Staying Properly Hydrated in the Summer

We are in the middle of some of the hottest months of the year and it is important that we stay hydrated as well as possible. Dehydration can be dangerous and there are symptoms to look out for. If you are feeling fatigued, suffering from dry mouth, have extreme thirst, and are feeling generally light headed or confused, you may very well be severely dehydrated.  But you don’t want to to wait until symptoms crop up to fix the problem, you want to be constantly on top of hydrating yourself by drinking water.

As a general rule, six to eight 8-ounce glasses a day is good for many people. Whether you are on the high end or low end really depends on the person. There are a few things you can do to make sure you get enough water every day:

  • Keep a reusable water bottle on you during the day. That way you are more apt to drink when it is available to you and you can refill it whenever you like. It is better than purchasing new  bottle water because it reduces plastic waste.
  • Keep yourself on a daily schedule if you have trouble remembering to drink water.
  • If you need to make your plain water more interesting, add a slice of lemon.
  • When you feel hungry, drink water first. We often confuse thirst and hunger.
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