Drinking Water Filter and Student Success

Clearly, every parent wants their child to have a healthy and productive life, and every parent wants to see their child do well at school. School days can be long and both mentally and physically taxing, requiring alertness and critical thinking skills throughout numerous subject areas. That all of this can have an effect on future decisions about colleges and careers may not be on the mind of students, but it’s all too clear to parents. Yet not every parent considers the important role that drinking water plays in student achievement.

Water is not only vital to sustaining the most basic elements of life. Dehydration can greatly reduce mental and physical stamina and performance. This can lead to decreased ability to concentrate in classes, a lowered amount of often pivotal participation, and even lower test scores. Upwards of 65% of children between 11 and 14 in the US do not drink enough water as is recommended by experts, roughly 3 liters a day. It follows that just as many students risk not performing at their best in the classroom. As parents concerned about education, helping children stay hydrated should be paramount.

And why settle for just any water? A water filtering system helps remove impurities from drinking water, so that children only get the hydration they need. The best water filter reduces chlorine, lead, pesticides and more, all while increasing the quality of taste. A water filtering system can be a key component in a healthy choices for academic success.

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