Buying Guide: Whole House Water Filter

Perfect for homes, offices and even farms, the Aqua Filter Plus whole house water filter has the ability to handle all your clean water needs. With a heavy-duty multi-stage filtration system pure and clean water will be available to you throughout every faucet of your entire house, from the kitchen to the bath.

Chlorine and other chemicals that leave traces even after water has been cleaned by municipal facilities. These chemicals are not only harmful to your health by ingesting them in your drinking water, but they can also be damaging to your skin and hair. Using water that has been fully cleaned by Aqua Filter Plus’s whole house water filter assures you that all the water entering your home is clean and crystal clear. After just one shower you’ll notice your hair and skin is softer and smoother than ever before. Say goodbye to itchy skin as well as the unpleasant chemical smell often associated with tap water.

Ready for a water filtration system that will give you the best tasting, cleanest water available? The Aqua Filter Plus whole house system is easy to install and use. Replacing cartridges couldn’t be an easier using the provided wrench to screw off the housing and installing the new filter.

Not sure which model will work best for you? Two models are available. The WW20CS model is perfect for locations with 1-4 occupants. If you’re location has 4-8 occupants, model DPWW20CS is for you. Worried about the cost of home filtration? The whole house filtration system comes at a low price and offers replacement filters that often only need to be replaced approximately once per year.

Find out more about the best system that will suit your needs by visiting Aqua Filter Plus online or contact them by phone at 732-942-9430. All Aqua Filter Plus products can be purchased through your local dealer, at, or directly from us. There’s no better time than no to make sure your home or business is getting the cleanest water possible every day, every time.

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