Buying Guide: Pure ‘n Clear

The Aqua Filter Plus Pure ‘n Clear (AFP210 Series) system uses a water filter systemheavy-duty multi stage filtration process to assure you get sparkling pure water from your tap. With this industrial strength filter you’ll not only enjoy knowing your water is void of harmful contaminants but it will also improve both the taste and smell. The system even exceeds an NSF Standard for chlorine/taste and odor reduction. You’ll never enjoy a crystal clear glass of water more than with the Pure ‘n Clear system!

Two pure carbon cartridges remove all the harmful elements – such as chlorine and pesticides – that may be present in your tap water while leaving the beneficial minerals and fluoride that water provides your body. The pre-filter cartridge reduces sediments and particles down to 5 micron and Granular Activated carbon then purifies the water even further. Compressed into a compact block, the carbon filter allows for evenly distributed water flow so that ever drop of water is thoroughly filtered. The post-filter cartridge takes filtration even farther, reducing finer sediments down to 0.5 microns and reducing the presence of lead using activated carbon bonded with a special agent. This four stage process ensures your drinking water will be as clean and clear as possible when it reaches your glass. And the double tank filter has been designed with the consumer in mind, lasting longer than other carbon filter models. This means you’ll have far fewer cartridge replacements, approximately once a year.

The Pure ‘n Clear system is available in both an under the sink model and a counter-top model to allow you to choose which best will suit your situation. Both versions of the system come with complete installation kits and easy to follow instructions. And with tough polypropylene housing and brass fittings you can be sure the system will last you for years to come.

Proudly made in the USA, the Aqua Filter Plus Pure ‘n Clear filtration system can be found through your local Aqua Filter Plus dealer, on, or directly from the Aqua Filter Plus website. Don’t miss your chance to taste and enjoy the cleanest water that will ever come out of your tap.

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