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About Aqua Filter Plus, Maker of Advanced Water Filtration Systems

Aqua Filter Plus, founded in 1996, has a simple goal: To provide unparalleled Water Filtration Systems for residential and commercial use. Second only to the oxygen we breathe, water is the most important element in living an active and healthy lifestyle. With more and more people seeking to take control of their health, having access to clean and delicious water has become increasingly popular, especially with the advent of affordable home water filtration systems.

Mr. Shifrin, founder of Aqua Filter Plus, realized the need for a reliable water filter that could perform thorough water purification while maintaining its cost effectiveness. He utilized his background in science and engineering to design his own systems, and has been perfecting these systems for the past decade and a half, resulting in a product line that consumers have consistently been rating at the top of its class in all areas.

Aqua Filter Plus takes pride in using only the highest quality filtration materials available, manufactured with the most up-to-date filtration technologies in the industry, to ensure that your water is pure, healthy, and delicious. Aqua Filter Plus customers include home owners, schools and offices. Whether for health, convenience, peace of mind or another reason, Aqua Filter Plus has a system for you!

Transform Your Home & Health with a Whole House Water Filter

The best way to ensure that your family is always drinking and using the cleanest possible water is to install a Whole House Water Filter. Featuring heavy-duty construction and an advanced multi-stage filtration process, this filter delivers fresh, safe water through every faucet in your home. Not only does having a whole house water filter give you unbeatable peace of mind in the health of your family, it also saves you the high cost of expensive and wasteful bottled water.

Discover Our Drinking Water Filters and Shower Filters Too!

Aqua Filter Plus also offers a range of powerful, world-class filters for drinking water and the shower, as well as filtered water coolers. With our Drinking Water Filters, you ensure that every glass of water poured from your faucet is free of potentially harmful contaminants and you consume only the freshest, purest and most satisfying glass of water.

Aqua Filter Plus Shower Filter Systems reduce the chlorine and other contaminants in your bathing water, helping you achieve the purest water possible for healthiest, freshest-looking skin and hair.

Finally, our sleek Filtered Water Coolers are the perfect, point-of-use solution for your home or office, and also save thousands on traditional delivered bottled water.

Want to learn more? Read about the of clean water to your health, or visit our Blog for great information, news and tips regarding our water filtration systems. Aqua Filter Plus: Live Healthy. Drink Better.