Aqua Filter Plus™
Shower Power
Model SH5 shower filters

While pure drinking water keeps your body healthy inside, bathing with clean water keeps you looking and feeling your best.


Aqua Filter Plus Shower Power filters ensure that your skin and hair remains soft and beautiful, unaffected by the many contaminants in ordinary water supplies that cause dryness and itchiness.


The Chlorine content in unfiltered water can penetrate the skin while showering due to the skin pores being expanded after prolonged contact with warm water. Additionally, chlorine gets released into the air in the form of a gas. When steam from a shower is inhaled, so is the harmful chlorine. The Aqua Filter Plus Shower Power filter alleviates virtually all of this dangerous chlorine so your shower can be refreshing and safe.


The Aqua Shower Power is designed to last between 3 and 6 months.


Price: $66



Aqua Filter Plus™
Ultra Shower Power
Model SH10 shower filter reviews

The Ultra Shower Power contains all the latest technology of the Shower Power model plus added boosts of filtration for extra protection. The Aqua Ultra Shower Power has a larger capacity filter and can last between 6 months and a year.

This model is ideal for areas with known chlorine and other contaminants in the water supply and areas with hardened water supply. The Aqua Filter Plus Ultra Shower Power filter removes virtually all of this dangerous chlorine before it is able to make contact with skin, assuring you a safe and pleasant showering experience, every time.


Price: $78